Friday, February 19, 2010

I am so excited! I finally got my new lens that I have been waiting for forever! All day today, I was experiencing high anxiety levels, knowing UPS could come at any time! I have a photo shoot scheduled for Sunday, and if I missed UPS, then I wouldn't get the lens until Monday, because it's a required signature package. So I worked until about 2:00, picked up Maren from Amanda, who was kind enough to meet me at Starbucks and I95, which saved me about 15 minutes, and hurried home!
As I drove through the neighborhood, I anxiously checked other peoples front doors, to make sure nobody had packages or sticky notes out front! Doesn't look like UPS had came yet. As I approached my house, Maren singing in the backseat, I leaned over and glanced at my door, and sure enough no sticky note that said that they had come and gone.
I waited, and waited, and FINALLY by 4:30 (my UPS comes late thank goodness!) the doorbell rang. I nearly fell over jumping out of my seat, and ran downstairs, as if the guy wasn't going to wait for me. I quickly signed and ran upstairs, holding the box against my chest like a baby.
Let's just say within, I don't know, 10 minutes, Maren had a cute outfit on, I had the lens on my camera, the car was packed, and off for a mini session we went. We literally just did these pictures in my neighborhood, but I had to bring my camera bag and these suitcases, so we decided driving would be our best bet!

I would like to thank my Dad and my Grandmother, who were kind enough to help me buy this lens. Hopefully, it will be the beginning of some of my photography dreams.

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