Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Latte Fun!

Yesterday, Maren and I met up with a couple of the girls from the playdate group at this indoor playground called A Latte Fun, at DOwntown at the Gardens. This was actually it's grand opening of it's new location, which was very impressive compared to the old location! This place is so neat, keeping the babies busy with all the climbing, swinging, jumping, and pretending they could ever image. The new location had two in-ground trampolines, a foam pit, three slides, two dress up stations, and lots of toys! There is also an entire coffee side, with chairs and couches, and a huge coffee and lunch bar. There are windows surrounding the play area, so you can see from the coffee house to the playground. Great idea! Maren had a blast with her friends, and I enjoyed spending the time watching her permanent smile across her face.
Maren crawling across the trampoline.....
Brenna and Audrey jumping like rock stars!
Maren in the foam pit!
Soooooo much fun mama!
Checking out..... ;) Audrey, don't you gimme that look
"Byyyyyeeeeee Audeeeee buh byeeeeeeee"
Audrey and her pretty eyes.
Miss Ella Kate.

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