Friday, April 9, 2010

A Photo Shoot Always Come with A Bribe.....

.....Especially if my husband is involved. I have been begging Jason to do this shoot with me, because I had it envisioned in my head, and I wanted to create it. I also have been dying to get some pictures with Jason and Maren together, but it took a good bribe, and nice tie, and a random industrial park, where people were looking at us. After a quickie mini shoot, in the sweet evening light, we headed to Jettys, which is a fish restaraunt on the water that we love. The weather was perfect, Jason got his crab legs and margaritas, and our family got to enjoy a beautiful evening watching the sun go down on the water. It was just one of those times that makes you just stop and live life in the moment. Our real, beautiful life.

The Photo Shoot:

The bribe....

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