Saturday, May 15, 2010

Feeding the Hungry

Thats right. Most meals these days, go to the dogs. When Maren is finished feeding herself, and it is quite apparent in this picture that she does enjoy eating, she literally throws her food at the dogs. The food ends up all over my walls, all over my floors, and the funniest thing.....all over the dog's backs. Cloe and Gracie have to lick each others backs to get the food off their own fur!
Ooooh and I have some big news as of yesterday, which was Maren's 17 month birthday. Maren stood up all by herself from the ground up and stood without hands for about 5 seconds. She then realized that she was capable of doing this, and she kept doing it over and over. Maren just gained that confidence that she didn't realize she had. The fact that she actually tried something, and it worked! She's never even attempted to try that before. This is why I believe that the only reason she isn't walking is because she doesn't have the confidence. Now I hope it will come soon.
Cutest thing ever today. I sneezed in the car, and Maren said to me "bleshu mommy, bleshu." Where did my baby go??

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