Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Big Girl

Everyday I look at her and just can't believe how big my baby is getting.

She is finally walking all over the place, but it's funny when she walks because it's still kind of a waddle. She thinks she's so cool that she can walk now, and swings her arms back and forth like she is a pro, as she toddles all around the house.

When I ask her to kiss me, she kisses my nose, and at the same time, holds my chin in her hands.

She cries when daddy leaves in the morning to go to work ;(

She knows what EVERYTHING is, and can say everything and anything. She knows what things are that I never even taught her, and surprises me everyday!

After she says "bye bye" she says "lugh you" (love you) to everyone and everything, and yes everything. When I change her poopy diaper, she says "bye bye poo poo, lugh you." So apparently when she tells me she loves me, it aint nothing special!

She is getting sick of me taking pictures of her. :0 Yes this is really happening.

This is my favorite: When she is doing something she likes, or is eating something she likes, she looks at me or Jason with a big huge grin, and says "Happy." I say "Im so glad your happy baby!" She does this all the time!

Everywhere we go, we must have a checklist of three items: Blankie, bucky (this is what she calls her paci), and B (her bunny). Without these, there will be turn around point somewhere in the road ;)

She thinks dresses and skirts and anything with rhinestones on it is "pretty."

She is OBSESSED with putting on my lipstick, and she knows right where to find it in my bag. She even purses her lips together and smacks them, as if rubbing it in on her lips. She must watch her mama!

She is a great sharer, which is odd for a 1 1/2 year old, but we haven't gotten to the "thats mine" stage yet, and she really has never taken anything from anyone. She even shares her cookie with me when she gets one; she must not understand the concept that every time I take a bite, a little bit more of it disappears!

She is my favorite little girl in the whole wide world! I just wish time would slow down, she's growing too fast for me!

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  1. Have you ever read Knuffle Bunny? If not, you need to get to B&N ASAP.

    (Love your banner, btw. Great concept. You are so super-talented!)