Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sweet Summer Times

I may be good at capturing amazing moments in my daughters life, but Im not so good at keeping up with writing about them ;). Sometimes images explain themselves, but what about all the other moments that I forget to remember, or capture. Today it's the fourth of July, and we woke up and made pancakes and bacon and eggs. I made Maren a special pancake, with cinnamon and bananas and she just at it up! I love morning like this where we get to spend family time, and we aren't rushing to run off to work. Where we actually get to take our time sipping on our coffee, and listening to Maren yak away.

I love these next couple photographs, of Maren playing with our favorite neighbors during the dead heat of the summer. Makes you want to jump right in. ;)

Really? Those eyes?!
Maren and Trey sharing snacks. Maren LOVES playing at her boyfriend's house!

That's my baby girl!

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