Sunday, October 31, 2010

Maren's 2nd Halloween

How cute is this costume?! I made this costume with the help of my Aunt Candice, who is a sewing pro! I wanted some what of a retro clown costume, but I didn't realize it would come out this cute!! And Maren makes it all the cuter! She looked so adorable in it! I told her I was going to put makeup on her face, like Mommy. She was so super excited! She sat nicely and let me paint her face. Then, I picked her up in front of the mirror to see herself, and she took one look at herself, and freaked out. She was scared of what I had painted on her face. Im sure she was thinking, "Mom, this isn't what you look like when you put on makeup!" It was hilarious. I had to pretend to wipe it off, she was so scared of herself!

DSC_0324 copy
DSC_0289 copy

Maren sharing her cotton candy....surprised me too ;)
DSC_0351 copy

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