Thursday, December 2, 2010

Busy Bodies Inside and Out

I have been running around like a mad crazy woman, trying to get stuff done for Maren's 2nd birthday, which is this weekend!! I am a perfectionist when it comes to designing/creating her birthday parties, as you will see in an upcoming post about her party. I will let the theme be a surprise for you all. In the middle of this all, I had my doctors appointment today, and all looks great with the baby. LOTS of movement with this baby! I am fighting a nasty cold, which is no fun when your preggers, AND chasing around a two year old, AND planning last minute birthday stuff. Life is good though. Jason is working hard, and has been so great, as always. Im so lucky! Here is a little peak at what my 6 month bump looks like, and also, I threw in a few of Miss Maren, because what's a blog post with no pics of my girl ;)

DSC_0782 copy 2

It's hard to catch her these days, she's so quick, and totally ignores the camera now. ;)
Almost 2!
Happy Girl

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