Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Keepin Up With Maren Isabella

It's been a rough day for Maren. She has been cutting a couple molars, and probably a few other teeth I don't even know about. The poor baby's gums are super swollen and red, and you can see white right under the surface of the inflamed gums. Last night she was up for a couple hours screaming, and she has been fussy all day today. I feel like the last 24 hours have been the worst for her, and those molars are literally going to cut through any day now. This is the bad thing about being a late teether; you get your fronts and your molars in at the same time. Could you imagine how much that must hurt!
After dinner tonight, I had plans to give her a bath, a bubble bath for that matter, and take some pictures of her. I never really give her bubble baths, because she has ultra sensitive skin, and the only thing we ever use on her skin is the Cetaphil soap, with no fragrances or chemicals. However, I was feeling like she deserved a bubble bath (and I wanted some cute pictures of course) so sure enough I pour bubbles in the running water while she was sitting in the bath. A few minutes later, the bubbles began to grow, and we had a big bubble bath. As soon as Maren noticed the white fluffy bubbles in the bath tube, she started screaming! I mean ear shattering, terrified to death, shrieking, She was freaking out. I scooped up some bubbles and put them near her, and she screamed and tried her very best to move away from them, with her head down, just terrified! Little did I know, Maren is deathly afraid of a bubble bath.
Lets just say we skipped the bath photo opp, and went for a walk in her new pink car, which she calls a "truck." Well....it's more like an "uck." We had a nice walk around our neighborhood, and it was absolutely beautiful out, as the sun was setting. I got my photo opportunity back, and got some shots of her in her car. After our walk, I came back and put Maren to sleep. She was ready to go night night. I kissed those sweet cheeks goodnight, and thanked God once again for our beautiful and healthy baby girl. Now I will get some work done, and wait for my other favorite person in the world to come home. :) (yes thats my hub).
Look how sweet she is!
Even "B" came along for the ride!

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