Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Playdate at Ella Kates

I can't believe how big the babies have gotten! I know I say this everytime, but the first time we lined them up on a couch to take a picture, most of them were under 4 months old!!! Maren was the youngest, so when we met these kiddos, Maren was only 4 weeks old! In this picture is only half of our group. At this age, were lucky if we get 7 babies sitting without moving, for a picture!
The Easter get together was great. We put cheerios and goldfish in eggs for the babies, and spread them all over the floor. Most of them stopped the minute they realized there was food in the eggs, and started chowing down. I wouls scan the room, and see one baby tucked in that corner eating out of eggs, another in this corner! It was hilarious! They are all so funny! Im glad I got some good pics!

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