Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Maren's First Day of School

Maren started her first day of school yesterday, Monday, and she did better than Mommy did. She is going to the Hebrew Academy of Palm Beach, and she is in the two year old class. She is only 20 months old, but they are putting her in the two year old class because she seems advanced enough. She will be attending three days a week, from 9:00 to 3:00.She didn't cry all day! Mommy cried all day! I, of course, followed her into the school with my camera, and documented her exploring her new classroom. She just loved it! The only thing she couldn't adapt to was sleeping on the floor on her matt.

Today was her second day and I took some more pics of her on our front porch. She cried a little when I left today, because I guess she knew I was leaving her this time. The teacher said she was absolutely fine right after I left. I can't believe what a big girl she is, and how fast time flies by!!

DSC_0235 copy

And when Mommy picked her up from her first day, she got a very special lollipop!

Second day of school; some morning photos!

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