Tuesday, October 26, 2010

These Days.....

These days, Maren is talking so much!! It's unbelievable that she has turned into this little girl who is completely communicating with us. She makes me laugh all the time, with some of the things that she says. And no matter what, everything she does, everything she says, every little expression on her face, is so darn cute to us, and Jason and I just can't ever get enough of her.

Some of the things she says and does lately that make me smile (because I cant get everything on video, but I never want to forget.

"I want mommy to hold you." (this is what she says when she wants me to hold her).

She says the ENTIRE alphabet, with her "L M N O P" sounding like "lalalalala."

She counts to 18! AND I def didn't teach her this, and Im prettys ure Mickey Mouse Clubhouse only counts to 12!

She says "Im sowwy" so cute!

"go go go" means she wants to climb up the stairs.

She thinks all sweets are "special treats." "I want special treat" she says. When I give it to her, she says "Menin good girl!"

She used to always say "yes" to questions I would ask her, and it was so cute how she said it. Now her new thing is "okaaaaaay," when I ask her questions.

EVERYTHING in our house according to Maren is "Mommy's." "Mommy's house, mommy's bed, mommy's chair."

She calls sprinkles "biscals" and she calls smoothies "snoobies."

She can name every Mickey Mouse Clubhouse character, including the ones you've never heard of, Claribelle and Pete! ;)

When she wants to sit on my lap, which is pretty much always, she says "I want on mommy's lap."

Her favorite color is pink.

There's nothing that makes her light up more, than giving her a "special treat." This is when I take advantage of getting kisses and hugs, in exchange for special treats. :)

The absolute best part of my day, is picking her up from preschool, and she has THE BIGGEST SMILE in her face, and screams "Mommy's here, I want to go bye bye."


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